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Jaylenne is a dancer at Hooley who started during summer camp in 2022. At the end of camp, all the dancers got to perform for their parents. Jaylenne's teacher saw her potential and encouraged her to join Summer Session at Hooley. She started at the Beginner level and learned posture, to kick high and straight with pointed toes, and some dance routines. Jaylenne looked forward to class every Tuesday. She learned the reel and jig, foot positioning, and hop skips. She made new friends and built confidence in herself.

At family gatherings she would dance for everyone showing all the new things she had learned at camp. This brought great joy and happiness.

Jaylenne will participate in summer classes again this year. She has moved up to the Advanced Beginners level, and is looking forward to learning higher level techniques, meeting new friends, and possibly making it to some championships.

Her mother said, "As a parent I made a great choice of enrolling my daughter at Hooley. I'm glad I did."

When asked what she loved about Hooley, Jaylenne said, "Hooley is such a great school. It's easy to learn and dancing makes me feel free."

Summer 8 week session

New Beginners could try our 3 day summer camp; or, try an 8 week summer session of weekly classes! Tuition for the 8 week session is $59 a month for 30 minute classes or $69 a month for 45 minute classes. Receive your free uniform tshirt when you register

July 11 - August 31

Ages 2-3, Tuesdays 4:30-5:00, Little Shamrocks

Ages 4-5, Wednesdays 4:30-5:00, Little Leprechauns

Ages 6-7, Wednesdays 5:00-5:30, Tir Na Nog

Ages 8+, Wednesdays 5:30-6:15, Beginners

HOOLEY Team Mission


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St. Patrick's Day

Hooley Team Mission

Our Mission is to cultivate character and excellence through a supportive community and learning environment.  Irish dance is a journey, and we encourage our dancers to be positive and goal-oriented as they take steps and leaps forward.


Excellence – Hooley dancers value training and push their capabilities to the highest level. Whether in class, at home, or on the stage, our dancers go the extra mile.

Grit – Achieving personal goals doesn't happen overnight. Whether trying to master Hop 1-2-3's as a Beginner or trying to qualify for the World Championships, Hooley dancers persevere.

Integrity – It is of utmost importance our dancers put their integrity first. Hooley dancers are expected to be honest, fair, encouraging to each other, and accountable to their parents and teachers. 

We Believe

Hooley School believes in helping each dancer achieve their goals and dreams for Irish dance. While each dancer has unique challenges to conquer, they can all achieve success if they are willing to work hard and develop their passion.