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HOOLEY Team Mission


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St. Patrick's Day

Hooley Team Mission

Our Mission is to cultivate character and excellence through a supportive community and learning environment.  Irish dance is a journey, and we encourage our dancers to be positive and goal-oriented as they take steps and leaps forward.


Excellence – Hooley dancers value training and push their capabilities to the highest level. Whether in class, at home, or on the stage, our dancers go the extra mile.

Grit – Achieving personal goals doesn't happen overnight. Whether trying to master Hop 1-2-3's as a Beginner or trying to qualify for the World Championships, Hooley dancers persevere.

Integrity – It is of utmost importance our dancers put their integrity first. Hooley dancers are expected to be honest, fair, encouraging to each other, and accountable to their parents and teachers. 

We Believe

Hooley School believes in helping each dancer achieve their goals and dreams for Irish dance. While each dancer has unique challenges to conquer, they can all achieve success if they are willing to work hard and develop their passion.