Summer Camps

Intro to Irish Dance Camp

​Ages 5-12

This camp is for ages 5-12. Dancers do not need previous experience, but may also be currently in our Tiny Toes/Tir Na Nog/Beginner level weekly classes. The camp schedule includes Irish dancing training, team dancing, stretching and fitness, games that promote building friendships with the other dancers, storytelling, and art projects that teach about Irish history and culture. On the last day we'll put on a small dance show for the parents, so bring your cameras!

No Irish dance experience required; new beginners welcome! ​

June 24-26 (Mon-Wed), 2024



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Irish Princess Camps

Irish Princess Camp - Ages 18-30 months

This 3 day Grown-up-and-me camp is designed to create an opportunity for you to get your little dancers familiar with the dance studio and try out class. Grown-ups will be sitting on the ground with their little dancer as well as helping them on skill activities like walking a balance beam. Grown-ups accompanying dancers must be at least 18 years old unless you contact us ahead of time. 

We will do some princess theme songs and activities as well as many of our normal songs and dance skills, ribbon wands, pointing toes, stretching, hopping, clapping, jumping, fast feet, and tippy toes. 

July 8-10 (Mon-Wed), 2024



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Irish Princess Camp - Ages 2-4

In this 3 day camp we will learn princess qualities like courage and kindness, play princess games, princess crafts, and Irish dancing of course! 

Our tiniest dancers love to move their bodies to the energizing Irish music, practice skills like jumping, hopping, leaping, clapping, skipping, left and right, watch and follow, and repeating choreography patterns. For 2-4 year olds. 

July 8-10 (Mon-Wed), 2024



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Irish Princess Camp - Ages 4-10

In this 3 day camp we will learn about princess qualities like courage and kindness, play princess games, princess crafts, and Irish dancing of course!  

For brand new dancers, as well as Irish dance students who are currently in Leprechaun, Tir Na Nog, Beginner, or Advanced Beginner (camp is soft-shoe only). 

July 8-10 (Mon-Wed), 2024



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Novice/Prizewinner Summer Intensives

'Dream Big' Novice/Prizewinner Camp

A fun-filled week for Novice and Prizewinner dancers! Camp is meant for dancers to attend all 3 days, but you can choose just 1 or 2 days if your schedule requires. 

Each day will include 2+ hours of dancing, drills & exercises to strengthen and stretch, learning about dream and goal setting to achieve those dreams, time to focus on friendship and team building, and a lunch break to sit and chat to continue to encourage friendships in class. 


August 12-14, 10am-2pm

$50 per day

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